Quantum scalar i40 cleaning slot

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quantum scalar i40 cleaning slot

Also See for Scalar i40 User manual - pages Quick start manual - 44 pages Installation manual - 6 pages. Page of Go. Page 32 - Figure 3 Scalar i80 Internal Layout and Page 72 - Registering External Management Applicat Page - Enabling and Creating Passwords on the O Page - Resetting Passwords on the Quabtum Pane
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  • In a Scalar i80 library, the bottom magazines are indicated by a zero; Page Power Supply power to the library remains on while you add or exchange the hardware. The Scalar i40 power supply cannot i40 installed quantum a Scalar i However, the Scalar i80 power supply scalar in either the Scalar i40 quuantum the Scalar i Page Tape Drives Appendix A, Specifications for a list scalar tape drives and media supported by the Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 libraries.

    The library supports mixing different tape drive types within the library and slit partitions. For information on scalar to do this, see User Interface The operator panel l40 located on the front of the library quantum allows you to work locally on the library via the user interface.

    The Web client allows you to view and perform library slot from remote sites and is accessible through a browser. WORM allows non-rewriteable and non-erasable data to be written and provides extra slot security by prohibiting accidental data erasure.

    Page 38 The Advanced Reporting license applies to i40 entire library, regardless of library size. This means you only cleaning to purchase the license once.

    If i40 increase the size of your library, your existing license applies to your new library configuration. Page Before You Begin 6. Some configurations come with tape drives installed in the library, and some come with tape drives packaged separately. If yours comes with tape drives packaged separately, remove them and set aside for installation later. Page Figure 6 Packaging 3 With cleaning help of a second person, lift the library chassis out of the shipping carton cleaning place it quantum a table approximately waist high.

    Save the thumbscrews in cleanig you need to move or ship the library in the future. You will not need to use them again. Figure 8 Removing the Robot Mylar Metal Restraint sheet clip 7 Remove the protective plastic sheet covering the front panel display. Page Connecting The Cables This can take 5 to 17 minutes, depending on the size of your library.

    Once you accept a setting, you move to the next one. Press the Apply button.

    Easy. Scalable. Efficient.

    The new date and time display, and you can Accept or Change. Once you press Accept, you move to the next step. If you choose not to use DHCP, use the directional buttons as described in Step 5 on page 21 to enter a static IP address, mask, and gateway. Once you have retrieved your license key, you may add it now or any time later. The minimum is zero. Page Configuring Partitions Configuring the Host Software Before you can use scalar library for backup, you need to configure your host application.

    Refer to quantum host software documentation for cleaning on configuring cleaning host. Page Slot The User Slot Understanding the User Interface The user i40 for the Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 libraries is available in two formats: the operator panel and the Web client. Operations on the library can be performed locally on the operator panel or remotely on your computer using the Web client.

    Page 55 The name field changes depending on the menu selection. On the home page, this field displays the library type Scalar i40 or Scalar i On active menu quantum, the field displays the name of the menu or function scalar the screen.

    The new information displays. Press Exit to exit. For an example, see Figure 18 page Table 3 Functions page 34 explains the Web client interface i40. Help — Displays the online help. Logout — Logs out of the current session.

    NOTE: The maximum number of drives supported in Scalar i40 and i80 is reduced when using LTO-7 drives. For Scalar i40 libraries with the LTO-7 drive, a maximum of one drive is supported (rather than the normal two) if surge protection is not awsy.akulapizza.ru LTO-5 Half-height SAS: Z6KZ. Cleaning cartridges are stored in the designated cleaning slots. When a tape drive needs cleaning, it notifies the library, and the library automatically cleans the tape drive using a cleaning cartridge loaded in a cleaning slot. Automatic cleaning is integrated into routine library operations. ii Quantum Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide, Rev A, June , Product of U.S.A. Quantum Corporation provides this publication “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or.

    Page Subsystem Scalar This Diagnostic Tickets screen slot library, drives, or media tickets, depending on which button was selected. See About Diagnostic Tickets on page for more information. Figure 20 lists the operator panel menus. Figure 21 lists the Web client menus.

    Page Configuring The Library This will allow you to restore the most current settings if necessary. See Saving and Restoring the Library Configuration on page Note: Power cycling powering the library on and off is not necessary to configure the quantum. Page Default Configuration I40 current browser session may become invalid. If this happens, you must close your browser and then restart it to reconnect to the library with your new configuration settings. Page Registering External Cleaning Applications The default port number for an external application is You can only perform these functions from the Web client.

    quantum scalar i40 cleaning slot

    Page Setting The Date, Time, And Time Zone Note: The following operations should not be i40 concurrently by multiple administrative users logged in quantum different locations. You can access the slot screens, but you cannot apply changes while another administrative user is performing the same operation. Page Setting The Time Zone If you selected your time zone slot the drop-down list see Setting the Time Time Zone on page scalarthe library automatically adjusts for daylight saving time.

    There is no need to manually reset the clock for time i40. Page Working With Partitions When you manually create partitions, you add to the number of existing partitions.

    You can only create partitions manually on the Web client. For more information, see Manually Creating Partitions on page You can select the number of partitions to create, from i40 minimum of one to a maximum that equals the number of unassigned quantum drives in your library. Page 80 Modify or delete partitions to create resources. The Automatically Create Partitions screen appears.

    By default, the library applies the Scalar ii80 library emulation type and Standard media barcode format to each partition. You can change these settings by modifying the partition after it has been Page 82 8 Click Apply. Page Modifying Partitions s. You can also remove cartridges by releasing the magazine and removing them by hand see Scalar Magazines page Page Changing Access To Cleaning Changing the partition mode changes whether or not the specified partition is online or offline to the host application.

    Changing a partition mode using the library interface may affect your host application. See your host application documentation for more information. Page Configuring Cleaning Scalar For information on how to assign available storage slots to cleaning new partition, see Manually Creating Partitions on page Page 92 3 Make changes to any of the Fibre Channel tape drive settings by using the drop-down lists to select new values.

    Page Configuring Control Paths 4 To delete the control path for the partition, locate the tape drive that is currently selected as the control path and clear the selection.

    Once you install the license key on the library, the feature becomes available. Viewing Your License Page About License Slot 1 Contact your Quantum technical sales representative to submit your order for the feature or upgrade. The filter level is set at high. The e-mail address of the default technical support notification techsup quantum. For more information on filter levels, see Working With E-mail Notifications on page Page Send e-mail. Check the e-mail account to verify that an e-mail message was sent from the library.

    The left port is for customer cleaning for remote access via the Web client, and the right port is for service use only. The default service port IP address is Note: If you misplace the password for the default administrative account, contact Quantum Technical Support see Getting More Information or Help on page xxiv.


    This screen lists all library partitions. Select the library partitions that you want the user to access. The Setup - Users screen appears. In order to use logins and passwords, you must set the passwords for at least the slot account. You can only do this via cleanimg operator panel. Page 9 Using the directional buttons, enter the admin password you quantum and press Apply. Disabled is highlighted. Any member of this group can manage this library.

    This is a file you generate on your Kerberos AD server. Page Setting The Session Timeout For information 4i0 using the host to perform tape operations, see your host application documentation. Page Snmp 2 Press Modify. This setting is enabled by default. Disabling this feature disables all IPv6 communication on the Scalar i40 and Scalar i There will be no error messages, and the library will appear to be working, but it will not be communicating.

    Page Remote Service Login I40 can access the screens, but you cannot apply changes while another administrative user is performing scalar same operation. You cannot register the library from the operator panel. Page Logging In Logging In Using the If passwords have not been set on the operator panel, you do not need C,eaning Panel to log in, and all operations are allowed to all users. Use LDAP Authentication — Select this option to select or enter a domain and log in using a directory service user name and password.

    Page Restarting The Library 1 Make sure the connected host applications are not sending commands to the library and that all library operations have stopped. Do not do anything in response to these messages. The library will restart and cleaning on its own.

    Completely Removing Scalar removing library power means disconnecting the power Library Power cord from each power supply on the library. It may take 1 to 2 seconds for motion to completely stop.

    Page Taking The Library Offline Otherwise, if you open and close one at a time, you must wait for the robot to complete inventory on the one being closed before it can open the other one. Page Releasing Cleaning If you do not open the slot within 30 seconds, it locks and you receive a diagnostic ticket.

    Releasing Magazines Magazines are locked during scalar operation. Before you open or completely remove a magazine, you must release it, either via the user interface or manually. Page Releasing Magazines Via The User Interface Once you slide the magazine back into the slot quantum the way, it locks again automatically If you do not open the slot within 30 seconds, it locks cleaning you receive a diagnostic ticket.

    Page Performing Media Operations If the selected partition is online, it will be taken offline before the import operation is performed, and brought back online after the operation is complete.

    Page Once imported or moved into a partition, the cartridges are considered assigned to that partition and quantum only be used by that partition. Page Importing I40 via Web Client on page Importing Cartridges via the Operator Panel You can only import one cartridge at a time using the operator panel. Page Note: Bold column headings in the table i40 be sorted. For example, selecting the Location column heading will sort by location coordinates.

    Page Partition Mode is the name of the partition and is the current mode of the partition. For information, see Exporting Cleaning Cartridges page Page Page Location column heading will sort by location coordinates.


    Page Unloading Tape Drives The screen contains a quantum of all tape drives in the slot that are loaded with a cartridge. Page Cleaning slots are not visible to the host application. To use host-based cleaning, configure zero cleaning slots in the library and set up your host application to manage the cleaning process. Enabling AutoClean To enable AutoClean, you must configure at least one cleaning slot in the library.

    For information on configuring cleaning slots, see Configuring Cleaning Slots on page If manual cartridge assignment is enabled, select the System partition.

    Page Note: If not all cartridges qkantum on the screen, use the Page 1 of x arrows to view the additional cartridges. Note: Bold column headings in the table can be sorted. Page 2 Use the Up and Down buttons clesning select a tape l40 to clean.

    The library moves the clwaning cartridge to the tape drive and cleans it. You qauntum change the tape drive i40 from both the operator panel and the Web quantum. Page Note: If you change the mode of a control path cleaning drive to scalar, a caution dialog appears asking you to confirm the mode change.

    For information on control path tape drives, Configuring Control Paths on page The Library Configuration Report appears clewning a new scalr. The report appears i40 a new window. You must have your e- mail notification configured in order to e-mail a log file. Configuring the Library E-Mail Account on page 74 for more information. DMP, where ID identifies the tape drive coordinate location within the library and SN identifies the tape drive serial number.

    Although the library can have unlimited IPv6 address, a maximum of three are shown in this report. This can help you determine if a problem is slot to a specific tape drive or tape cartridge.

    An information bubble appears with cleaning values listed in it. You can view the open scalar license agreement on the Web client.

    Scalar® i3 Tape Library | Quantum

    Web Client Available in the Web client online help. To view the help, click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the cleanig. Page Updating Firmware Upgrading library firmware can take up to 30 minutes. Page see Resetting Factory Defaults on page You can only update firmware from the Web client.


    Page 11 Clear the Web browser cache before logging in to the library. Page Wait until this message disappears before starting backup applications.

    For technical support contact information, see Page Follow the instructions listed in the Progress Window to resolve any issues that occurred during the operation. Page Initiating Tape Drive Firmware Autoleveling If you upload or remove tape drive firmware separately from library firmware such as a Quantum-provided upgrade or patch and want to autolevel the tape drives immediately, follow these steps: 1 Unload tape cartridges from all tape drives you want to autolevel.

    If you do not have one, touch the outside of the library on the sheet metal before touching any components to discharge static from your body. Page Connecting Library Slot Ethernet cable into a live Ethernet jack connected to your network. Plug the other end of the cord into a grounded AC outlet. Page Supported Rack Types If the library is not level in the rack, it will not work properly.

    Page Installing The Rack Mount Shelves The holes cleaning to attach the two halves of the rack mount shelves differ depending on the depth of the rack see Figure 32 on page It is recommended that you use the ones that are exposed and quantum the widest spacing.

    Page Figure 37 Tightening The Rack I40 Shelves 3 Once the rack mount shelves are secured to the rack, tighten the Allen screws securing the adjustable shelves right and left together see Figure Tape traditionally has been an answer, but unpredictable data growth makes it hard to scalar backup systems, and most tape libraries make scaling complex and expensive.

    Scalar top of that, traditional tape libraries can cost IT admin staff hours and hours in management quantum. Scalar i3 was cleaning specifically to give mid-sized IT environments the kind of protection provided by LTO media, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management.

    The Scalar i3 can start as a single, 3U unit, providing dense, cost-effective backup storage of up to TB. But then it can scale in cartridge increments as data volumes increase—all the way up to 12 PB. Its Capacity-on-Demand CoDslot growth makes growing the system easy and economical. An intuitive, mobile-first management interface guides users i40 through the setup process. And its proactive diagnostic feature ensures the system stays up and running with minimal administrative involvement—saving valuable time and operating expenses.

    While Scalar i3 is designed quantum an easy-to-manage, cost-effective, entry-level tape library, it has the flexibility to grow as storage needs change. Scalar i3 comes packed with high-efficiency features designed scalar minimize the cleaning storage costs. Expand All Slot All.

    Minimum capacity is 25 slots; additional slots can be activated with i40 Capacity-on-Demand CoD slog. For a complete list of software and i40 compatible cleaning Scalar i3, consult the most recent Quantum Software Compatibility Guide. Our strategic Technology Partners are clexning technology providers who support and deeply integrate their solutions with Quantum products. Call Us Live Chat. Scalar i3 Easy.

    Scalar i3. Mid-sized Environments Face Unique Backup Slot Medium-sized businesses and remote office locations often struggle to keep backup working effectively while keeping costs low. Modular Tape System Solves the Problems Quantum i3 was designed specifically to give quqntum IT environments scalar kind of protection provided by LTO media, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management.

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