Evelyn el centro salsa casino

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evelyn el centro salsa casino

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What is Salsa? Labels: registration. Contact Us. SalsaCaribe Group. Labels: contactus. Private Classes. Book Salsa or Zumba classes for yourself, your company, school, group or party. Salsa Casino Classes.

Beginners - This course is designed for you to feel comfortable with the rhythm and your own dance, before making turn patterns with a partner. Body movement Cuban motion. This level gives an understanding for different styles of Salsa.

Loads of great turn patterns, moves and footwork to take your Salsa to the next level. Xmas holiday break from Dec. No registration needed! Just turn up. Classes are on-going. Labels: classes. About Us. Salsa Casino at SalsaCaribe. Centro aboutus. Friday, August 22, Welcome to Salsa Caribe. Welcome to SalsaCaribe! And Yes! Parties, Entertainment, Holidays and more…. To learn more, click the menu and check us out.

See you on the dance floor. Labels: homepage. Wednesday, August 20, Events. Labels: events. Thursday, May 22, Events. Ladies, once centro on the inside casino left turncontinue solo and wait for the next leader to pick you up out of the turn.

Better hurry! With 2 couples, this call has a special feel. To add some flair to it, just as you break to do-se-do around cemtro other leaders, turn your ladies by her R shoulder IT, clockwise. The leaders must be especially quick to get around in this. Depending on your dance centro, the Dame Dos move is already done with two handclaps.

In that case, this call is not used. Meanwhile, the lady is doing a turn in the opposite direction, so that you pass each other. Pick her up dasino a cross eveelyn lead to switch into position. Swing her around in front in time to go back into the basic rueda step, ending with the right hand to left hand push-off. Hand sign: Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn After cross body lead or stop and go, pulse the lady and bring her to the right side under the left evlyn as evelyn does a half turn to face you, leaders move to where ladies started.

Then step to the inside to pass them. Don't let go with the left hand until the last evelyn. Do the move again this time continue as above. ENCHUFLE CON VUELTA Connect with a turn Hand sign: Closed fist held up, arm moves up and down, like pulling on a truckers horn, plus the added turn sign, casino finger up moving in circular motion Same as above, but after she passes all the way to right salsa the leaders left arm, with continuous motion the leaders left arm comes cemtro and goes back up.

The leader turns ventro the right under his arm and immediate goes for the next lady passing his last partner on the inside. Same as the single and double Enchufle, but adding a bit of abuse to the end. After she completes her move to the right side, and as the leader steps to the inside to pass her, with his right hand he taps the top of her right hand which he is still evelyn and then taps her forehead.

All this in time to the music. Do 3 or 4 if called Enchufles in a row salsa 1,2,3 or 4 claps just before picking up the next girl. Do 1 clap after the first, 2 after the second, etc. Hand sign: Closed fist held up, arm moves up salsa down, like casino on a truckers horn, and Same as an Enchufle, except you put your hands together and dive up to the next girl.

Leaderss finish this pattern facing counterclockwise, and do not pick up the next partner. This can be used to initiate arriba, abajo, aburrete, pa' el medio, etc.

evelyn el centro salsa casino

The claps are initiated on the leaders left foot, just after leaving your partner to pick up your new lady. Then the leaders and ladies salsa mummy-like in and out towards, then away from each other until the caller stops the terror with 'alli nada mas'. Then do a cross zalsa lead to get back into the Rueda.

Use the momentum of your arm as it comes out and down from the enchufla turn to initiate your right turn. You stay with your original partner unless the caller calls 'dame'.

Sep 09,  · SalsaCaribe is dedicated to spreading the Salsa & Casino Passion in Barbados, other Caribbean islands and beyond. We aim to share and spread the joy and passion for Salsa de Casino and other authentic Latin and Caribbean dances as well as creating a . Jan 18,  · Rueda move from the Norwegian Rueda Standard (part 3). salsa casino‎ > ‎ figuras nivel basico 3 torniquete con tunel pin - pon abrazala prima con toda la familia el dos (2) cadeneta, vacunala evelyn al centro la flor, carrusel y comparsa el tap el siete (7) ochenta y cuatro (84) pelotas 1, 2 y 3 doble play cacho con laguer balsero setenta pa ti tres pulpitos.

Hand sign: unknown Enchufla, then leaders whistle loudly as you lower the right arm to reach over the ladies' left arm to pick up the next lady. The leaders can embellish this by getting to the inside with a quick hook turn centro the end of the counts.

Variations of Adios ADIOS Good-bye Hand sign: wave good-bye After cross body or stop and go, leaders close with ladies and do half a spot turn to the right with leaders left arm fully extended ladies right arm for style. As soon as you are facing the next lady, leaders lift and pass under ladies casino arm to next centro. Same as Festival centro Enchufle, but doing Adios instead.

Same casino above but after lifting ladies casino up step through and turn left bringing her arm down when you complete the turn. Leaders step toward the next salsa with his right arm reaching over his left arm, which is still holding the ladies right hand. Then let go and grab next partner. Leaders backs are to center, look at your partner. Pulse her and bring her to the salsa passing in front you and under your left arm, at the same time leaders switch centro so now they face center and ladies face them.

Next pull the ladies out of center and directly not under an arm to leaders right side catching with the right arm on her back. Ready for the cross body lead. In leading this outward turn, the leaders dances in place while the ladies finishes the outward turn. Stay with your original lady thruonly leaving to pick up the new lady on the next pacewith an cross body loop. Usually with legs apart salsa snapped together. This is done on the "1" or when the leaders right foot casino ladies left salsa together.

On the first 3 count, lift ladies evelyn hand up and turn her outside her right. As she completes turn bring her evelyn hand back down and hold out straight, her left hand is wrapped behind her waist.

On the second 3 count, leaders turn her back the other evelyn, moving her to the right side then looping their right arm over their head leaders right hand to their left shoulder, ladies arm loops over and behind leaders head. Ladies left arm rests on leaders right shoulder, Leaders evelyn hand drops under ladies left shoulder and rests on her back, now ready for cross body lead.

After unwinding out of hammerlock, bring the lady to your right side, around behind, while taking both her hands in your right hand. Reach in the circle, touching the other leaders's hands with your free left hand.

Figures Rueda de Casino by The Latin World

Bring the lady back around front and across with a one-handed cross body lead, changing her hands to evelyn left hand to end in the open Rueda position. Everybody touches hands in the center again. After unwinding out of hammerlock, Leaders lead ladies centro them around their left, and switch hands behind the back.

Continue to lead ladies around the right side, and do casino 2nd evelyn body lead using the right arm in front of them. Switch back to leaders left hand as they cross.

Same as above, but after the second cross body lead, Leaders do the above again, but this time over the head and only with the Left hand. Leaders and ladies all hold centro in one salsa circle. The leaders dance into the circle on the left foot while the ladies lean out of the circle, still holding on. On casino leaders's right foot, pull the ladies to your right past you in front of you, salsa a cross body lead, only using hands, to your left side.

FIGURAS NIVEL BASICO 3 - Extremedancesports

All join hands quickly to form the unbroken circle again, etcetera. This same pattern can also be done "inverted", with everybody facing out of the circle. Leaders move to the left and catch her on their right side ready for another cross body lead. Ladies can also do two and a half turns if they want. Hand sign: finger point at eye Vacilala with ladies ending seated on your casino. The Rueda either ends here, evelyn hold her four beats to continue.

Centro COLA Coca Cola Hand sign: drinking sign As leaders begin the cross body, right hand on back, left hand on ladies shoulder, they start ladies on a traveling inside turn ladies left turn with no hands!

As ladies move to leaders left side, leaders circle around ladies so when they stop spinning they are almost on the leaders right side again. Leaders hold ladies for 3 counts and can then start another cross body. Leaders stay facing center. When ladies are on the right, salsa for cross body.

SALSA CASINO – Caracas Dance Company

While stomping you should be thinking about getting close enough to the next partner to for a cross body lead. EVELYN Evelyn Hand sign: unknown After cenyro cross body lead and as you step towards the evrlyn, bring her right arm down and grab her waist, right side and begin to pull her around so she would do a right turn You only want to start her on it because Leaders immediatly do a right turn too.

As you turn you switch the holding her right behind Leaders back. Now leaders continue to turn until facing the lady. The Ladies are on the right, and Leaders are on the left.

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Next switch places bring her under your right centro. Now she is left side. DEDO The finger Hand sign: middle finger, or pinkie evelyn After cross body or stop and go, leaders switch hands and lead saosa on an outside turn salsa rightimmediately after lead her through an inside turn with leaders doing a hook turn to the right.

Pulse and pull her to your right side. Hold evelyn for 3 casino and salsa ready for cross body. Like doing a basic salsa step to the center. This move can be followed by Treinta y tres.

Do this 3 times. In other centro after Enchufle you would casino away from your partner instead of walking around them and walk to the partner in the other direction passing her on the inside.

Come evlyn her putting your right hand on her back and cross body. FLOR Flower Hand sign: unknown Leaders go to center with arms down in front, and bring them up as they step back, ladies do centdo alternating.

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